Sony XR85X95L – 85″ -215cm

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Sony XR85X95L

  • Brightness & deep blacks
  • 4K Mini LED
  • XR 4K upscaling
  • XR Clear Image
  • Integrated speaker in TV frame
  • Voice Zoom 2
  • Smart home compatible

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Exceptional brightness, complete immersion

The vibrant brightness and deep blacks of this large mini LED screen are based on Cognitive Processor XR™.

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True to life contrast. Mini LED.

Experience extraordinary depth and detail. XR Backlight Master Drive™ controls our 4K Mini LED professionally.

Just like in the movies. Completely synchronous.

The frame tweeters on the left and right reproduce the sound directly from the screen, just like in the cinema. Thanks to Cognitive Processor XR™, the sound is fantastically immersive.

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It’s gaming time. Stay unbeatable.

Our BRAVIA XR™ TVs support the stunning graphics and soundscapes of today’s games. You want more? Connect a PlayStation®️5 console to be completely immersed in the gaming world.

We love entertainment. We love the planet.

Great images and sound should never harm the environment. We work tirelessly to minimize our environmental impact.

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True-to-life contrast with deep blacks and radiant highlights

Brilliant peak brightness, deep blacks, natural midtones. XR Backlight Master Drive™ controls thousands of ultra-dense mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence for ultimate contrast.

Extended color gamut for every shade and color shade

More than a billion colors are reproduced with fine, realistic gradations. Based on our Cognitive Processor XR™, XR Triluminos Pro™ with its wide color spectrum ensures natural shades in every detail.

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Everything is optimized to near 4K quality.

Regardless of content or source, images are upscaled to near 4K. XR 4K Upscaling has access to an extensive database to intelligently recover lost textures and details.

Less noise rustling. Less blur. More clarity in every image.

XR Clear Image reduces image noise through zoning and dynamic image analysis, minimizing blur.

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Intelligent motion processing for sharp images in fast scenes

Cognitive Processor XR™ with XR Motion Clarity™ analyzes motion across multiple frames and reproduces fast-paced sports and movie action smoothly and crisply.

Beautiful colors. From every angle. In any environment.

X-Anti Reflection™ makes images appear clearer, with fewer reflections and glare. X-Wide Angle™ ensures that the image looks as beautiful from the side as it does from the front.

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07 Klangqualit t Acoustic Centre Sync min HiFi-Profis

Completely synchronous. Optimized. Sound like in the cinema.

Integrated speaker in TV frame. You hear the sound directly from the screen, perfectly in sync with the action. Cognitive Processor XR™ makes every sound fantastically immersive through precise sound positioning.

Sound and image precisely matched

With Acoustic Multi-Audio+™, sound always comes from the right place in the scene and is precisely tuned to the action. This feels much more immersive than conventional TVs where the sound is played below the screen.

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TVFY23 C Frame Tweeter D 1 HiFi-Profis

Frame tweeter. Optimal sound position.

More comprehensive, more powerful, more spatial. Our frame tweeter vibrates the frame to distribute the sound. By taking into account the individual speaker positions, the sound is perfectly balanced.

3D surround sound for all your content

XR Surround creates virtual surround sound using only the TV speakers for 3D audio without separate upward-facing or ceiling speakers. Our BRAVIA XR™ TVs are also compatible with Dolby Atmos®.

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Clear voices.Precise dialogues.

Voice Zoom 2™ detects voices, analyzes them and improves their clarity. Improved filtering suppresses ambient noise, so you can clearly understand even quiet dialog on the TV.

Acoustic Center Sync

Acoustic Center Sync lets you turn your compatible BRAVIA and soundbar into a center speaker. The action on the screen is precisely matched with the sound for even more immersive home entertainment.

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Suitable for 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer

Combine our SRS-NS7 portable speakers with BRAVIA XR™ and enjoy Spatial Surround Sound and a Dolby Atmos® experience. With some Sony headphones, you also get simulated 360 Spatial Surround Sound.

Effortless control of your Sony audio

Thanks to the integrated user interface, the soundbar’s sound settings are automatically displayed in the BRAVIA’s quick settings. Control functions such as sound field and volume easily via TV remote control without having to switch to Audio Remote.

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Tone mapping with HDR automation

Tone Mapping with HDR Auto instantly optimizes your HDR settings during initial PS5™ setup. Even in dark shadows and bright peaks of brightness, you can see the finest details and realistic colors.

Automatic genre picture mode

BRAVIA XR™ automatically switches to gaming mode with PS5™ to minimize lag and maximize responsiveness. As soon as you start watching movies or more expressive scenes again, it switches back to standard mode.

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TVFY23 C Game Menu D 1 HiFi-Profis

One place for all gaming settings

It’s never been easier to customize your game state, settings, and control functions for optimal performance. All important functions are easily and conveniently available at the touch of a button.

Everything you want to see in one place

There are over 700,000 movies and series to choose from via your streaming services – centrally sorted by topic and genre based on your interests.

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Movies from the BRAVIA™ library for the cinema experience at home

Explore the latest blockbusters in the blink of an eye. With BRAVIA CORE™, you can request up to 10 movies and stream them over a 24-month period. Our exclusive movie content service with Pure Stream™ and IMAX® Enhanced delivers stunning images and expressive sound.

Control your TV easily with your voice (and a little help from Google)

More convenient than ever before: your TV makes it easy for you to operate. With a voice command to Google, you can search for movies, stream apps, play music, and control the TV. Get answers, control smart home devices and more. Just say “OK Google” and get started.

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Children profile

With the child profile, you stay in charge. This special function allows children to view only age-appropriate content in an area set up especially for them. Set child-friendly filters for apps, movies, and TV shows. You can limit the time spent watching TV and set bedtimes.

Control your smart home with Google

Conjure up the perfect TV environment with just your voice. Control smart home devices throughout your home. Adjust room temperature and lighting, see who is ringing the doorbell and more.

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Easy cleaning, always clean

Say goodbye to dirt and dust. The remote control with flush surface, flat buttons and special polyurethane coating can be easily wiped and kept clean.

Handy control

As simple as snapping your fingers. Gesture control lets you toggle, adjust volume, and more – all without a remote.

TVFY23 C Gesture Control D HiFi-Profis
TVFY23 C BRAVIA CAM Picture D HiFi-Profis

Proximity warning

Allow your children enough distance. Proximity warning allows you to set a recommended viewing distance for your child and warns when they get too close to the TV.

Video chat on the big screen

You can entertain friends and family on a big screen by connecting the BRAVIA CAM™ to the TV.

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TVFY23 C ECO dashboard D HiFi-Profis

All power saving settings in one place

The power saving dashboard brings all power saving settings together in one place, so you can easily change them individually or completely.

Frameless visible frame.

The nearly frameless design lets your eyes focus on what’s most important – the image.

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293773ad45e9f807d8dd5de9708b7158 HiFi-Profis

Prestige stand with three positions, elegant and versatile

The three-position stand gives you a choice: The default setting focuses on the image. The narrow setting is suitable for smaller areas. With the soundbar setting, the sound system is optimally positioned.

Tidy from every perspective

Cable holders keep cables hidden so your TV looks great from the front, sides and back. Even the non-visible areas are neatly tidied up.

TVFY23 X95L Cable management D 1 HiFi-Profis



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