Panasonic TX43LXN978 – 43″ – 108cm

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Panasonic TX43LXN978 | Dynamic HDR Performance

  • HDR Cinema Display Pro: With native 100Hz panel, Local Dimming Pro Intelligent and 2,200Hz (bmr) for unique brilliance
  • HCX Pro Intelligent Processor: stunning image reproduction with finest contrast and color gradation
  • Dynamic Surround Sound Pro and Dolby Atmos®: Voluminous bass, crystal-clear dialog and a precise sound image

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Premium picture and sound quality

With Cinema Display Pro and the new HCX Pro Intelligent Processor, the HXN978 series promises big home cinema. The Dynamic Surround Sound Pro sound system and Dolby Atmos ensure perfect sound. Equipped with Multi-HDR-Ultimate, the HXN978 series handles all major HDR formats including HDR10/PQ, HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG Photo. My Home Screen 5.0 and support for voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant guarantee convenient operation.

Fine-tuned in Hollywood

“We live and die for film. Every day, we make 1,000 decisions about the tone, the colors, about light and shadow, and the emotions we want to convey,” says Avatar director James Cameron. Panasonic shares this passion and pursues the goal of reproducing masterpieces of film masterfully as well. Thus, Panasonic develops TV technology where the heart of the film industry beats: in Hollywood. Professional filmmakers provide suggestions for the perfect “Hollywood TV”, Panasonic engineers use their expertise to reproduce a film as faithfully as possible.

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HCX Pro Intelligent Processor – Panasonic’s most powerful processor ever

The HCX Pro Intelligent Processor analyzes color, contrast and precision of 4K content at top speed, optimizes it and perfectly controls the UHD HDR panel. With extremely high processing power of the processor and the integration of powerful analysis functions, the image signals are evaluated and optimized in even more detail in an impressive way. Any type of film and television signal is thus displayed with extreme naturalness, amazing detail and precise contrast, taking picture quality to a new level.

Supports all major HDR standards – HDR10/PQ, HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG Photo.

Panasonic supports all important HDR standards with the new TVs of the HXN978 series. These include HLG, which was developed by the British BBC and Japan’s NHK for broadcasting HDR content, and HDR10, the HDR format of the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc, as well as the two formats based on dynamic metadata, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision In addition, the OLED TVs also support the new HLG Photo standard for playing back photos in HDR picture quality.

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PanasonicTX43LXN978 5 HiFi-Profis

Dolby Atmos® – New sound dimension

The blockbuster becomes a real pleasure when not only the picture excites, but also the sound. Dolby Atmos® puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. So when an airplane takes off in an action movie, the turbine noise rushes over the heads of the audience. Real Hollywood feeling is the result.

HDR Cinema Display Pro

The HDR Cinema Display Pro has a native 100Hz panel with ultra-transparent cells. This increases the displayed HDR color space. High-quality LED backlight ensures even brightness. The advanced control increases the contrast. The result: TVs with dynamic HDR performance.

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Local Dimming Pro Intelligent

Local Dimming controls different areas of the backlight. The LED segments behind the LCD panel are controlled locally. Local Dimming Pro Intelligent adds adjustable tone mapping to the technology. This ensures that the brightest and darkest parts of an HDR image are optimally illuminated. Several areas of the screen’s backlight are controlled with individual shutters, so that the amount of light transmitted to the image is constantly adjusted.

Quattro Tuner with Twin Concept: Four types of TV reception – in one system

TV signals are transmitted via satellite, cable or antenna. Panasonic TVs with Quattro Tuner can handle any signal path. Even better, you can distribute the signals to other devices in other rooms via TV>IP. The Twin concept also offers even more possibilities. It has two receivers each for cable, satellite and antenna, for example, to watch one program live and record a second one onto a connected USB hard drive. Even two programs can be recorded independently and simultaneously – even if you are not at home.

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Product Highlights
  • 3,840 x 2,160 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • DVB-T2 /-C /-S2 / TV>IP / IPTV Penta tuner with twin concept and 2 CI slots
  • Multi HDR Ultimate (DolbyVision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10, HLG, HLG Photo)
  • HDR Cinema Display Pro & HCX PRO AI Processor
  • Smart TV with access to apps & online services
  • Cinema Surround Pro Speaker& Dolby Atmos
  • Google Assistant Built-in, Alexa Built-in
  • Game Mode Extreme with Game Control Board, AMD Freesync Premium
  • 4x HDMI, HDMI 2.1 (ALLM, eARC, VRR, HFR), 3x USB (1x USB 3.0), digital audio output (optical), LAN, WiFi & Bluetooth integrated
  • Technology : LCD
  • Screen diagonal (cm) : 108
  • Screen diagonal (“) : 43
  • Resolution : Ultra HD
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • TimeShift : Yes
  • USB media playback : Yes
  • Video on Demand : Yes
  • Smart TV : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online Apps : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • HDMI CEC : Yes
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • Number of USB ports : 2
  • Common-Interface CI+ : Yes
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Energy Label Version : 2019/2013
  • Energy efficiency class : G
  • Energy efficiency spectrum : spectrum ÄA to GÜ
  • energy consumption (kWh/1000h) : 54
  • Energy consumption (HDR playback) (kWh/1000h) : 86
  • Energy efficiency class (HDR reproduction) : G
  • Specification acc. EU Regulation 2019/2013 : Yes
  • Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction : Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction G
  • min. Mains voltage (V) : 220
  • max. Mains voltage (V) : 240
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 0.5
  • Power consumption, mains off (W) : 0.3
  • Energy burn. HDR rendering (kWh/1000h) : 86
  • Wall mounting possible : Yes
  • Height (cm) : 64.6
  • Weight (kg) : 17
  • width without foot (cm) : 96.2
  • Height without foot (cm) : 56.3
  • Depth without foot (cm) : 6
  • weight without foot (kg) : 12
  • Screen diagonal (cm) : 108
  • Screen diagonal (inch) : 43
  • Number of pixels, horizontal : 3840
  • Number of pixels, vertical : 2160
  • Game circuit : Yes
  • Room light adjustment : automatic room light adjustment
  • LED backlight : LED backlight
  • local dimming : Yes
  • Multi PiP : Yes
  • Dolby Vision IQ : Yes
  • HDR 10+ Adaptive : Yes
  • Ultra HD : Yes
  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) : Yes
  • FreeSync : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) : Yes
  • Multilingual Menu : Yes
  • elec. menUgest. TV program guide (EPG) : Yes
  • Hotel Mode : Yes
  • Data connection between video and TV : Yes
  • Ideal value function image/sound : Yes
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • Time-shifted playback : Yes
  • Media playback via USB : Yes
  • Networkable : Yes
  • Amazon Prime Video : Yes
  • Netflix : Yes
  • Amazon Alexa compatible : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online apps available : Yes
  • Online video services available : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • Stream smart/tabl. content wirelessly : Yes
  • Google Assistant compatible : Yes
  • Decoder type : Teletext decoder
  • Number of memory pages : 1500
  • Dolby Atmos : Yes
  • Speaker system : Full range speaker
  • Music power (W), total : 20
  • UHDTV reception : Yes
  • HD+ compatible : Yes
  • DVB-T2 Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-S2 Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-C Twin Tuner : Yes
  • SAT>IP : Yes
  • Analog cable reception : Yes
  • VOB compatible : Yes
  • TS format compatible : Yes
  • AAC compatible : Yes
  • AVI format compatible : Yes
  • WMA compatible : Yes
  • WMV compatible : Yes
  • WAV compatible : Yes
  • FLAC compatible : Yes
  • MP3 compatible : Yes
  • MPEG-4 compatible : Yes
  • H.264 compatible : Yes
  • H.265 compatible (HEVC) : Yes
  • JPEG format compatible : Yes
  • MKV compatible : Yes
  • Headphone jack : Yes
  • Digital Optical (OUT), Audio : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Common Interface (CI+) : Yes
  • Number of common interface (CI+) : 2
  • HDMI interface 2.1 : Yes
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) : Yes
  • Number of USB ports : 2
  • Number of USB 3.0 interfaces : 1
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Width with packing (cm) : 135.5
  • Height with packing (cm) : 68
  • Depth with packing (cm) : 15.5
  • weight with packing (kg) : 21
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



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