Avantgarde Acoustic horn speaker

High End in the Frankfurt crime scene!

After the broadcast of the Frankfurt crime movie “Wendehammer” in December 2016, some customers asked our branch manager Alexander von Oelsen what those extreme speakerhad been in the mega-modern house of the IT milliner in Frankfurt’s Westhafen.

Of course, we are happy to answer this question: It was the “Trio” with quadruple bass horns from AVANTGARDE ACOUSTIC, the Odenwald high-end manufacture of world fame.

The Tatort living room also featured a huge Curved Oled TV and an audiophile CD player (on loan to the prop from our colleagues, the HIFI-PROFIS from Frankfurt, by the way).

The music: “Tin Pan Alley” by Stevie Ray Vaughan thrilled the audience – but probably the sound from your TV at home was not nearly as dramatic as from the original speakers on the film set.

Well, not everyone will want to or be able to spend 150,000 euros on this plant …

DUO Avantgarde Acoustic HiFi-Profis
DUO von Avantgarde Acoustic. High End Kugelwellenlautsprecher in einer Schweizer Villa

What is special about the horn speakers?

The funnel is the simplest and most efficient way of amplifying sound: the ancient gramophones relied on this technique, and the ancient Greeks also used this principle – the semicircular amphitheater is nothing more than a horn – even when speaking softly on stage, the audience in the upper tiers could clearly understand it.

Avantgarde Acoustic writes: “For the same sound pressure, a driver with horn can be built much smaller than a normal driver without horn. This achieves a reduction of the moving mass of up to 95%!” Pure physics. Less mass = faster acceleration, less distortion.

So why don’t all speakerproduce horns? The reason lies in a high technical effort, the size and the corresponding costs.

High end is not available for everyone…

UNO Avantgarde Acoustic
UNO von Avantgarde Acoustic, klingt gut und sieht hervorragend aus.

Avantgarde Acoustic is the only manufacturer in the world to produce its “spherical wave horns” (that is the correct term) using a complex injection molding process. In this process, liquid plastic is injected into steel molds at pressures of up to 2500 t, with a dimensional accuracy of 0.05mm. This results in extreme surface hardness – they are robust and easy to clean.

All theory is gray, practice is colorful. It is best to listen to the speaker with us. The huge bass horns may not find a place in your home, UNO, DUO, TRIO are the modules for high-end lovers with space and money.

Zero 1 HiFi-Profis
Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1, High End Hornlautsprecher

The ZERO 1, the newest and smallest model is a relatively compact active horn system that you should definitely listen to us. In our multi-room studio on the second floor, you can enjoy this in a pleasant living room atmosphere. The sound sculptures only need a power outlet – they communicate with each other via radio (LAN cables are also possible). The design is exceptional, the body is relatively wide and flat. You don’t need an external amplifier, the integrated amplifier modules drive the chassis directly. 400 watts for the bass and 50 watts each for the midrange and treble provide brilliant sound with an efficiency of 104 dB. Sophisticated digital processing developed by Avantgarde Acoustic itself brings the digital signals to the listener in uncompromising quality. You’ve never experienced music like this before.
Fidelity magazine wrote in its 4/14 issue, “Who can put together a complete system for me from individual components of this top quality at this price that offers an overall performance even remotely as stirring as the Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1? – It doesn’t exist.”
A Plus X Award recommendation for “Innovation”, “High Quality”, “Design”, “Functionality”.
Comment: “… Deep, dry bass, the spatial imaging typical of horn loudspeakers and a maximum of musicality make the Zero1 in combination with their aesthetic appearance highly attractive sound converter.”

Bring your favorite music and enjoy the sound: Stevie Ray Vaughan, for example,…