The season is open: Garden speakers for your outdoor


THE GARDEN BECOMES A GREEN LIVING ROOM – And what would a living room be without the right sound? With our outdoor solutions you bring sound into the green, and that without distorting the harmonious image of your garden or terrace by clunky speaker and amplifiers.

Our solutions from the renowned manufacturers SONANCE and ARCHITETTURA SONORA blend seamlessly into the ambience of your outdoor design – whether it’s a green flora paradise or a purist rock garden.

Our Profi will be happy to advise you on your individual solution for your very own green living room.


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Not only for buffers!
SONANCE wireless directional speakers borrow their performance and minimalist design from the groundbreaking SONANCE Landscape Series. In this way, the manufacturer creates systems in a smaller format, but with a large effect: The Sonarray plug-in system can provide sound coverage for up to 3,500 square meters of outdoor area, and with pinpoint accuracy. Due to the directional system of the speaker, your neighbors will not be disturbed. The SONANCE Garden Series is the perfect compromise of performance and simplicity in an outdoor audio system.



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Oh, that’s a beautiful sculpture!
You might think, but ARCHITETTURA’s solutions are not only beautiful to look at and weather resistant, they also have some power.
For example: At 150 watts at 8 Ω, the medium variant of the Sonora Cylinder makes the barbecue party a musical experience even in large gardens – and no matter how you turn, thanks to 360-degree radiating sound.

About the series

SONANCE Rock Series

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A Hifi box in stone design?
In fact, these Speaker offer sound qualities comparable to a hi-fi box. What a normal Speaker not be compared to is the fact that all these Speaker remain outdoors all year round, no matter what the weather. In addition, the unobtrusive design as a “stone” allows for permanent integration into the garden landscape.

About the series