The sound goes through the roof

In terms of sound, a lot has happened recently: The latest surround sound formats are DOLBY ATMOS, dts:X and AURO 3D.

Already own a new UHD big screen TV? Then congratulations on the great picture. But is their sound as stunning as the visual experience? Dolby Atmos brought the technology to movie theaters, but it is now also available for private users – and has even more competition in the form of dts:X and AURO 3D.

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These standards are new, but offer great potential for the future. Similar to the development of television, where we started with HD ready and upgraded to Full HD and UHD 4K resolution, the sound formats are now following suit. What you need is a receiver that can play these high-resolution audio formats: DENON and MARANTZ are ahead of the game here. If you are thinking about buying a new receiver, then you should definitely make sure that these sound formats are on board. The difference to old sound formats is that the work is no longer only channel-based, but audio objects are used that define the exact spatial position of the sounds and place them relative to the seating position.

How exactly do these new sound formats work?

You have your new receiver and an existing 5.1 surround speaker constellation? Then you can buy top-firing modules in addition, which radiate the sound upwards and reflect it from the ceiling.

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If you go for the big number, you’ll need a 10.1 configuration (actually, that’s 9.1.1 = 9 standard speakers, 1 subwoofer and a top ceiling speaker): 2 front, 1 center, 2 rear, 2 front high, 2 rear high and a top surround speaker recessed into the ceiling.

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With this, you are already pretty much perfectly tuned for the ultimate home cinema, where the helicopters fly around your ears and you are almost spatially drawn into the sound event. But this is not only a new experience with blockbusters, even if you listen to jazz concerts or your favorite opera on Blu-ray or CD, you will not want to miss the improved sound image: Speech becomes clearer and instruments more spatial.

Auro 3D is probably the best 3D sound format. Although it looks rather poor in terms of movie titles, the Auromatic is capable of enhancing even native Dolby Atmos material – the Auromatic works out all subtleties very nicely and audibly.

We are currently in the process of completely renovating our basement to bring you a great Dolby Atmos studio with beamers, a super screen and high-end speaker the finest. A visit is worthwhile, the new sound is addictive…

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