Vinyl is back

Everything is going digital, streaming providers are booming – but the classic record is celebrating a great renaissance. According to the German Music Industry Association, 1.4 million long players crossed the counter in 2013, 1.8 million in 2014 and 2.1 million in 2015, with CD sales declining slightly. A 2-digit annual increase in vinyl. This means a market share of only 3.1%, but the growth rates are enormous. Why is that?

MP3 downloads are just data, you can pick up a nice long-playing record with a great cover and put it on your shelf. For many, the sound and dynamics are also more audiophile compared to MP3 or CD. DJs have always had a penchant for vinyl, young people browse through their parents’ record collections, new bands now print download codes on their covers – digital and analog are merging.

The industry has also recognized this, and turntable are booming again. Just now the traditional company TECHNICS has revived a legend: The SL 1200GAE appears in a very limited version of 1200 copies worldwide for 3499,- (If you wish you can pre-order a copy from us!).

SL 1200gae HiFi-Profis

Other classics are the turntables from Thorens – have a look at the TD 309, a recommendable model with a good price/performance ratio.

Modern turntable are also technically up-to-date: some devices have Internet connection, are equipped with Blutooth and can also convert the analog signals into digital data. For music lovers a reason to deal with this topic again.

TD 309 test HiFi-Profis